You came here looking for answers, perhaps on how to convince a female to give you her attention, perhaps how to handle heated situations while keeping your cool. The accurate definition of what is a real man seems to have become very cloudy in these past decades of human progress. The contributors at the BULLETPROOF MANHOOD website seek to provide the truths on this topic, though over time, and with more research, we will continue to deepen our understanding of those truths.

As mentioned in the book with the same title, the definition of manhood starts with just three main points, referred to as "pillars", since society is built upon the ideas and beliefs of those doing the building. Those three pillars are:


To be specific, a real man will be committed to obtaining and providing TRUTH everywhere he goes if the situation requires it. He will provide SAFETY, or a safe environment, wherever he goes, for all persons he encounters, and for all those under his care. And he will diligently learn the arts of ROMANCE, which will never be neglected in relationship with his wife or girlfriend. 

 A man works to provide a meaningful service to his world, and also to provide resources for his family. We give. We protect. We defend. We fight. We love. We win.

Every book and every example on the subject of manhood can be categorized under one or more of those three pillars. Prove me wrong.

Though the content provided here is founded upon a Biblical world view, this is in no wise your traditional Christian content provider, and much of the content will be from secular, (meaning non-Biblical) sources, and there is no apology for this. We could not be so naive as to limit our scope to "Bible-only" if we are to provide modern, relevant, and highly useful information. We have psychology and other sciences that are reliant upon the observed universe, the scientific methods, first person experiences, trial and error, and even the wise advice found in other religions.

But make no mistake, we test everything in light of the truths and principles of the Bible, and will not promote any content that is in conflict with the wisdom there. Where an idea or observation is useful to our cause, if it is not supported in Scripture, we will note that.

It is our belief that all true definitions of manhood will not conflict with the Bible, and the Bible has a vast treasure-trove of material describing behavior that we would expect to see in a real man, but it also showcases and condemns behavior we would instinctively realize is in no way manly. We can learn as much from the failures of others as we can from their successes.

If you have not already been introduced to the book BULLETPROOF MANHOOD - The Three Pillars of a Godly Man, I recommend you get it. The content on this website may touch on the principles in there, and expand on them, but it is not the book. 

And we will be exploring areas such as the Mens' Movement, which seems to be becoming more like an awakening, some for the better, some not so much. We will also delve into the realm of PUA, (Pick-Up-Artists), marriage renewal, parenthood, and other key areas. And there will be  other authors, books and links recommended that are useful in making you the best man you can be.

So, in closing, welcome to your path toward discovering how to become a man that others will respect, and that women will be attracted to.

Men worldwide are waking up, standing up, and looking up to rediscover their true identity!


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No reward, no accomplishment, no struggle conquered, nor battle won, is of any worth unless it was earned at great cost.